Here’s How Medicare Is Changing in 2017

Medicare Changes in 2017 Medicare provides essential healthcare coverage to tens of millions of Americans, but every year, the program sees some changes to the way it offers its benefits. In 2017, not only will Medicare participants see typical changes in costs and coverage options, but they'll also see political pressure that could result in more dramatic healthcare reform that could affect Medicare. Below, we'll look at some of those changes and how they're likely to affect … [Read more...]

Medicare Part D Penalty

Part D What is the Penalty if I wait? Quite often Medicare beneficiaries ask me why they should take out a Part D prescription drug plan when they don’t take any medications. At first glance that is a good question since the Part D plans carry a monthly premium and often times have a deductible. In Arizona Medicare Plans, like most of the country, there is a wide range of premiums to choose from but they all have a premium Well, when the Medicare plans were enacted they realized that … [Read more...]