Here’s How Medicare Is Changing in 2017

Medicare Changes in 2017 Medicare provides essential healthcare coverage to tens of millions of Americans, but every year, the program sees some changes to the way it offers its benefits. In 2017, not only will Medicare participants see typical changes in costs and coverage options, but they'll also see political pressure that could result in more dramatic healthcare reform that could affect Medicare. Below, we'll look at some of those changes and how they're likely to affect … [Read more...]

Medicare Raises Age Savings?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For U.S. budget negotiators who may want to raise the retirement age by two years to shrink deficits, the Congressional Budget Office has some bad news: the savings would be considerably less than previously thought. The CBO said in a report released on Thursday that raising the normal eligibility age for Medicare health coverage to 67 from 65 in 2016 would reduce federal budget deficits by only $19 billion through 2023. That compares with $113 billion in 10-year … [Read more...]