Medicare and the Affordable Act

Since 1965 when Medicare was first instituted to provide health coverage for people over the age of 65, it has become one of the most beloved programs in the United States. The basic plan has two parts, Part A, which covers hospitalization and Part B, which covers doctor’s services, therapists, home care and other care. Many seniors are wondering how the Affordable Care Act affects their Medicare coverage. Medicare Supplement Plans In addition to basic Medicare, a number of “Medigap” … [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act Five Myths

Here are five myths and facts surrounding Medicare and the Affordable Care Act Myths 1 Medicare is ending. False. Obamacare is not replacing Medicare. In fact, AARP representatives say that Medicare will become stronger once the ACA is fully in effect. "Medicare's guaranteed benefits are protected in ways they hadn't been protected in the past," says Nicole Duritz, AARP's vice president for Health Education and Outreach. Myths 2 Medicare beneficiaries must buy more health insurance to comply … [Read more...]