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AZ medicare optionsMedicare Options in Arizona

Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Plans

Arizona  Medicare Plans provide you with many options.  Recent changes to Medicare have brought about more healthcare choices for mature Americans than ever before.  Today when you are eligible for Medicare, you can choose to receive healthcare through the Original Medicare program only; or apply for an Arizona Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan) to fill in the “gaps” in Medicare coverage with few if any co-pays or deductibles.  In Arizona you can also opt for a Medicare Advantage Plan that may have lower premiums than a Medigap plan, even a $0 premium in Maricopa & Pinal counties, but with more potential out-of-pocket expenses.  Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D) are now offered nationwide either as a stand-alone plan or bundled into a low-cost Medicare Advantage Plan.

Arizona Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans available in Arizona (also known as Medigap plans) fills in gaps in Original Medicare coverage, such as, co-pays and deductibles for hospitalization, doctor visits and other medical services.  Although these plans may cost more than Medicare Advantage plans, after paying the plan premium, there are few if any extra out-of-pocket expenses depending on the plan chosen.

Arizona Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are health plan options that are part of the Federal Medicare program.  Coverage may include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, as well as, hospitalization, doctor visits, skilled nursing, medical tests, diagnostics and other services.  Most Medicare Advantage Plans are either HMOs, PPOs, or Private-Fee-for-Service (PFFS).  Premiums are often low and $0 premium plans are available in Arizona.  We represent several companies that provide Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona.

Arizona Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is the federal government’s prescription drug program that covers both brand-name and generic prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area.  Several companies provide plans in Arizona

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