Medicare Options Explained

Medicare part A provides coverage for inpatient care and Part B for outpatient services.  There are options available to help with the costs not covered   Medicare Options available to Beneficiaries  Medicare Part A which covers inpatient treatment for Medicare Beneficiaries and Medicare Part B which provides for outpatient services are both available to seniors and some people on disability under age 65 and is referred to as original Medicare.  However, original Medicare by itself can leave … [Read more...]

Here’s How Medicare Is Changing in 2017

Medicare Changes in 2017 Medicare provides essential healthcare coverage to tens of millions of Americans, but every year, the program sees some changes to the way it offers its benefits. In 2017, not only will Medicare participants see typical changes in costs and coverage options, but they'll also see political pressure that could result in more dramatic healthcare reform that could affect Medicare. Below, we'll look at some of those changes and how they're likely to affect … [Read more...]

How to Choose the right Medicare Plan

Should you opt for government-offered Medicare or a Medicare Part C alternative? By Chris Young Decoding health insurance options can be daunting for people age 65 and over. Those who have paid 10 years of Social Security taxes qualify for Medicare at age 65. They're automatically signed up if they're receiving Social Security payments, unless they take steps to opt out. Standard Medicare comes in two parts: A and B. Part A covers a portion of hospitalization expenses, and Part B applies … [Read more...]

10 Medicare Facts-

Medicare Facts to know There are two main ways to get Medicare. You can choose Original Medicare (Parts A and B), which is provided by the federal government. Or choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). These plans are offered through private insurance companies. With Original Medicare, you may pay a share of the cost. You contributed to Medicare by paying taxes. That’s why you’re eligible for Medicare when you turn 65. Original Medicare may not pay for … [Read more...]

Seniors move to Protect Medicare Plans

 Growing Movement to  protect Medicare Advantage Washington, D.C. –The Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) -a national grassroots organization of more than 1.6 million individuals who receive their health care coverage through a Medicare Advantage health plan - today announced the launch of a new website as part of a growing effort to promote the value of Medicare Advantage and protect the benefits it provides to millions of American seniors. The new site includes enhanced tools to allow … [Read more...]

Medicare Screening

Medicare Screening for Prostate Cancer Men with Medicare. Are you the type of guy who puts off doing a task and later wishes he’d just done it? If you’re a man with Medicare, now’s the time to talk with your doctor about whether you should get screened for prostate, for colorectal cancer, or for both. Even if you’re feeling fine, screening tests can find cancer early, when treatment works best. Don’t put off screenings if you’re worried about the cost: Medicare covers a digital rectal exam … [Read more...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollments increase

 Medicare Advantage growing among seniors January 06, 2014 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time KENNEBUNK, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aggregated enrollment in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans was 15.1 million as of December 2013, up nearly 1.3 million members since December 2012. Membership surpassed 15 million members in October, according to a new report by Mark Farrah Associates (MFA). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS's) data shows nearly 52.5 million people were eligible for … [Read more...]

Medicare an overview

Medicare Overview Medicare is a Federal health insurance program that provides hospitalization, medical, and prescription drug insurance for the elderly and individuals with disability. It was created by Congress in 1965. The basic idea is for the Government to provide health insurance as part of Social Security. As insurance, it is not government assistance, unlike Medicaid or AHCCCS and other plans which are assistance programs for people of limited income. The “Original Medicare” … [Read more...]

Medicare and the Affordable Act

Since 1965 when Medicare was first instituted to provide health coverage for people over the age of 65, it has become one of the most beloved programs in the United States. The basic plan has two parts, Part A, which covers hospitalization and Part B, which covers doctor’s services, therapists, home care and other care. Many seniors are wondering how the Affordable Care Act affects their Medicare coverage. Medicare Supplement Plans In addition to basic Medicare, a number of “Medigap” … [Read more...]

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment

By Michelle Singletary, With so much fuss and frustration over the open enrollment for the health-care marketplaces, some people might be missing important information about another open-enrollment season. Open enrollment for the exchanges is overlapping and overshadowing the importance of the Medicare open-enrollment period, which started Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7. It is during this period that those covered by Medicare can change their health plan and prescription drug coverage for … [Read more...]