Medicare vs Advantage How to choose

Confused about your Medicare choices? Here is help by Judith Graham October 30, 2017 As health insurers struggle with shifting government policies and considerable uncertainty, one market remains remarkably stable: Medicare Advantage plans. That's good news for seniors as they select coverage for the years  ahead. For 2018, 2,317 Medicare Advantage plans will be available across the country, "the most we've seen since 2009," said Gretchen Jacobson, associate director of the Kaiser Family … [Read more...]

Beware Medicare Advantage Plans

Recent report says many buyers are confused Lisa Ward  Nov. 27, 2016 10:11 p.m. ET An increasing number of seniors are choosing to get their Medicare benefits through Medicare Advantage plans. But do they understand what they’re signing up for? A recent report suggests they may not, especially when it comes to which hospitals are included in the plans’ networks. An alternative to traditional Medicare and administered by private insurers, Medicare Advantage plans are typically … [Read more...]

How Medicare Advantage Plans Work

Medicare Advantage Plans are also called Medicare Part C.   Medicare Advantage  plans are offered by private insurers. They provide all Part A and Part B coverage and usually offer extra benefits as well. In many cases, the premiums, co-pays and deductibles can be lower than they are in a Medigap policy. When you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are still in Medicare, however the insurance company coordinates with Medicare for you. You deal with the insurance provider … [Read more...]

Surge in Medicare Advantage Sign-Ups

Medicare Advantage Signups surprise     WASHINGTON — Five years into Medicare spending cuts that were supposed to devastate private Medicare options for older Americans, Medicare Advantage signups in private insurance plans through Medicare has shot up by more than 50 percent, confounding experts and partisans alike and providing possible lessons for the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges. When Congress passed President Obama’s signature health law nearly six years ago, it helped … [Read more...]

Arizona Medicare Options to Original Medicare Explained

Arizona Medicare Options     Medicare Part A which covers inpatient treatment for Medicare Beneficiaries and Medicare Part B which provides for outpatient services are both available to seniors and some people on disability under age 65 and is referred to as original Medicare.  However, original Medicare by itself can leave the senior with significant out of pocket expense. “As an Independent Insurance Broker in Arizona” states Ralph Bredahl with Arizona Medicare Advisors, “I find a lot of … [Read more...]

Sicker Patients Seem at a Disadvantage With Medicare Advantage

New evidence suggests Medicare Advantage may not serve some sicker Medicare beneficiaries as well as it does healthier ones. Medicare Advantage is a private health insurance plans offer at least the same benefits as the public, traditional Medicare program for older Americans, as well as some who are disabled or have certain diseases. The private plans may also offer additional benefits not available from traditional Medicare — like coverage for hearing aids and eyeglasses — and lower … [Read more...]

Arizona Medicare Advantage-Nutshell

Arizona offers many choices for Medicare Advantage plans. HMO, PPO, PFFS, POS and SNP Ralph Bredahl is an Independent Medicare Broker in Arizona and is licensed in the state of Arizona. Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona have many choices when deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan and it can be a confusing choice. To enroll in an Arizona Medicare HMO you must have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, pay your Medicare Part B premium and live in the plans area “As an Independent Medicare … [Read more...]