Arizona Medicare Options to Original Medicare Explained

Arizona Medicare Options     Medicare Part A which covers inpatient treatment for Medicare Beneficiaries and Medicare Part B which provides for outpatient services are both available to seniors and some people on disability under age 65 and is referred to as original Medicare.  However, original Medicare by itself can leave the senior with significant out of pocket expense. “As an Independent Insurance Broker in Arizona” states Ralph Bredahl with Arizona Medicare Advisors, “I find a lot of … [Read more...]

Medigap Plans (Supplement)

What is Medigap? Questions Answered Medicare provides a whole lot of coverage, but it doesn't cover everything. So some people choose to buy a separate policy to provide coverage for the areas Medicare falls short on. This is known as Medigap (also known as Medicare Supplement)  insurance. You buy the plan from a private insurance company. You can also use your policy to cover expenses you have under Medicare, such as annual co-pays and deductibles. Important note: If you opt for a Medicare … [Read more...]

Medicare Supplement vs Advantage Plans

Arizona Medicare Broker on Supplement and Advantage plans Much has been published on the internet comparing Arizona Medicare Advantage to Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans. As an independent Medicare Broker in Arizona, it is the most common concern of Medicare Beneficiaries that I run across. are so different from Medicare Supplements and since each beneficiary has their own needs I won’t recommend any plan in this post. All I will provide is a short overview of each plan. Arizona … [Read more...]