Cancer Policy

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Cancer Policy Arizona Plans

cancer insurance is a supplemental policy designed to complement health coverage and help manage the financial risks plus high costs of cancer treatment. It is not designed to replace your health insurance. Cancer policies also vary in benefits across insurance companies


Medico Cancer Insurance Plan! Lump Sum Cancer Policies!

Today, millions of families are dealing with cancer.
Medical advances have greatly improved the treatment for those diagnosed with cancer.

However, with innovative treatments come increased cost. Medico’s new cancer policy can help.

Medico Cancer Policy

Medico Cancer Insurance

We hope that in the near future, cancer will no longer be a threat.
Until that time…there’s Medico.

Product Highlights:

•Cancer Value Plus helps your benefits keep pace with future costs
• Guaranteed Renewable
• Competitive Prices
• A 10% Household Discount is available
• There is NO policy fee
• Individually issued to Ages 18-79
• No-hassle claim service
• No Coordination of Benefits
• Cash payment is made directly to you, the policyholder
• Choose from different levels of affordable coverage

Benefit Options

The cash payment benefit can be purchased in amounts of $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000.
(With Cancer Value Plus,you also get the 5% inflation protection each year.)
Benefits are not payable if Cancer is First Diagnosed during the 30 days beginning on the Policy Date.

30-Day Right to Examine

You have 30 days after you receive the policy to
examine it and return it to us or to the producer if
you are dissatisfied. We will then refund the
premium you paid and void the policy.
Guaranteed Renewable
This insurance will remain in force as long as
your premiums are paid on time.


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